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At my firm, The Law Offices of Jason D. Baltz, I represent people who are facing a family law matter and need professional legal counsel. Whether your legal issue requires filing paperwork, drafting an agreement, negotiating with the opposing attorney or litigation, when I take on a case, I am determined to pursue the most favorable outcome possible. The area of family law addresses urgent personal issues, and a court decision is likely to impact your life for years to come. I am detail-oriented, zealous in protecting your rights and interests, and I am proud of my many successes for my clients in all types of family law matters.

Practice Areas

Are you considering filing for divorce? Your choice of legal representation is a critical matter. Your future financial health, your parental rights, and the distribution of your property and debts will all be part of the process. Some may have a simple divorce, requiring little other than ensuring all is in place and correctly filed, while other cases, particularly those involving a couple with a high net worth or a marriage of long duration can be far more complex. Whether you are generally amicable with your spouse or you are involved in issues that are difficult to resolve, I can help.

Child Custody
Issues involving children, parental rights and where the child will live are naturally of great concern to parents. In a divorce, these matters must be addressed carefully. If there is reason to believe that the child or children would be in danger while in the care of the other parent, this situation must be presented to the court with a high level of skill, and supporting evidence. If you have concerns about child custody, call my firm to review your situation.

Child Support
Do you have concerns about child support? At my firm, we have the insight and understanding of state law regarding child support, failing to pay child support, child support enforcement actions, and modifications of existing child support orders. Whether you are considering divorce and want to understand how the courts will view your situation, or need help in addressing an existing court order, I can help you. I will zealously protect your rights in the area of child support.

Spousal Support
Are you worried about spousal support or alimony? Are you concerned that you may or may not be eligible for support, or that the court could require you to pay your former partner? I can help you with all concerns related to spousal support, and advise you about state law and the formulas the court uses in making these decisions. I can also negotiate these issues for you, and will be focused strictly on protecting your best interest.

Establishing paternity may be necessary for a father to gain access to a child. If the two parents were not married at the time the child was born, you may not easily be able to visit with your child, or influence his or her life without first legally establishing your parental rights through a paternity action. Another issue that could require seeking a paternity test is when you believe you are actually not the biological parent of a child. My firm can assist in any paternity action.

Property Division
One of the greatest concerns of those who are facing a divorce is the issue of property division. Dividing assets and debts could be fairly simple for some spouses, or may be extremely complex, or hotly contested. When a married couple has acquired many assets over the term of their marriage, including the family home, properties, bank accounts, stock accounts, retirement accounts and other assets, a fair division of property is extremely important. I can assist in either simple or complex cases involving property division as critical aspect of divorce, as well as all other divorce issues.

Contact my firm for more information about our family law and divorce services.

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